Spirit of American Enterprise


“To me, that spirit, which the CHARLES W. MORGAN symbolized when she was built in 1841, is the unique American spirit, born on the coast and on the frontier, which enabled America to spread its wings globally and create the economic engine that was the foundation of what was known as the American Century.”


—Richard Vietor, Board Chairman


Long ago there was a global industry dominated by America — energized by American workers and entrepreneurs — and shaped by American ingenuity and will. That industry was whaling.

For more than two centuries, the 2700 ships of America’s whaling fleet helped to fuel the nation’s economic, political and cultural growth. The success of the whaling industry — and the capital it generated — set the stage for America’s emergence as a global force and world leader.

Today only the Charles W. Morgan remains from those epic times. Only the Morgan represents the day when whaleships brought American ideals to people across the oceans, the day when whaleships like the Morgan helped to define an energetic young nation’s place in the world.